About Us


Since 2006 we create Active services...

Active Events was established in 2006 for the business of event management and social media works. The staff of Active Events have since secured wide ranging experience achieving 96.4% customer satisfaction during 850 events and 120 social media campaigns for 65 national and international brands. Active Events is a member of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies serving all destinations within Turkey and various capital cities throughout the world. 


Brands are people too...

Or, at least they should strive to be more like us. Because it’s those human qualities like kindness, humor, and intelligence that make a brand so appealing. And when brands get human and treat people like people, they earn our respect, our desire, and our dollars. And you can see that in the work we do. We create experiences where people can connect with brands the same way they connect with each other. Let’s make something.